Pet Groomer Randi with DogAt Finger Lakes Animal Hospital, we offer grooming as one of our services for your dog or cat. Dogs and cats can get dirty and their fur can get matted. We have a terrific groomer who loves to make your pet look, feel and smell their best. A well groomed pet is a healthier and happier pet.

Our Groomer

Our groomer, Randi Keuer, is a pet care professional who has trained with a certified groomer for over 2 years to gain experience with grooming dogs and cats. She had been grooming pets for Finger Lakes Animal Hospital since 2011. Randi is very people and animal oriented, keeping pets happy and comfortable when left in her care.One of our feline clients looks spiffy with a lion cut. Many pets look forward to their day at the spa.

Randi maintains a personal connection with her clients by making their dogs and cats feel comfortable in their new environment. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays.

Full service grooming includes:

  • bathing
  • nail trims
  • ear cleanings
  • breed standard grooming
  • coiffing

Dogs and cats can be left all day, or go home as soon as they are done. Bathing and grooming can even be performed during a boarding visit so that your pet goes home fresh and clean! (Randi is also an important part of our boarding staff as one of our lead animal care assistants.)

Personalized Service

Your pet is important to us. You can discuss your wishes, your pet's condition and special needs with the groomer prior to your appointment.

Please call (585) 394-7429 today to schedule your pet's grooming! We'll be happy to answer all your questions to ensure that your pet’s grooming experience turns out just as you imagined.


  • Dogs must be current on Distemper (DHPP), Rabies, and Bordatella (first rounds administered at least 14 days prior).
  • Cats must be current on Distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies (first round administered at least 14 days prior).
  • All pets must be free from Internal and External Parasites.

Grooming Transformation — Bonnie's Before & After

Check out Bonnie's grooming experience from bathing to the finished product!

Dog Bonnie Before Grooming Dog Grooming - Bonnie's Bath
Dog Grooming - Bonnie After Bath, Before Brushing Dog Bonnie After Grooming
Bonnie is dry and ready for a snazzy style.
Bonnie the Beautiful!






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