Think you’re safe to stop your pet’s tick prevention during the winter? Think again!

tick on dogTicks are in the environment all year long. They are most noticeable in the spring, summer and fall, but will come out throughout the winter on milder days too – days when you aren’t expecting it.  

In New York, we have several species of ticks. Lyme disease has been in our area for several years, and we have also seen several cases of Anaplasmosis and Erlichiosis from tick bites at our hospital. Dogs are screened for some of the more common tick borne diseases each year when we draw the blood sample for their heartworm test. In recent years, we have found more tick borne diseases on this test than heartworm disease.

Prevention Is Key

Dogs need to be on a tick preventative all year round. There are several options for tick prevention and we can help you to decide the best prevention for your pet.

Choices range from spot on products (Advantix), to tick collars (Seresto and Scalibor), to chewable tablets. The products range in effectiveness, duration, whether they kill or repel, species of ticks they are effective against, and in cost.

Feel free to call us at (585) 394-2288. We will be glad to answer any questions you have and help you pick out the right preventative option for your pet.