Book Labwork & Save On Your Pet's Dental in 2018*

Give your pet something to smile about! Finger Lakes Animal Hospital is offering 20% off Pet Dental Cleanings in February 2018 when you book Preventative Care Labwork for your pet.* (exams and vaccines must be current!)

dachshund with toohbrush

Routine and preventive dental care is vital to your pet's long-term health. Pets with poor oral hygiene can develop periodontal disease, which can often lead to heart, lung, and kidney disease and pain. 

Labwork is extremely important prior to any dental procedure to evaluate the patient's liver and kidneys, which are critical in detoxification of anesthesia. We have designed labwork packages to make testing more affordable for pet owners. Many of the things we test for are subclinical (signs are not evident yet). Starting proper management before your pet is sick allows us to slow or stop the progression of the disease and extend both the quality and the length of your pet's life.

Call us at (585) 394-2288 to book your pet's labwork and dental appointment today!

*Get your pet's labwork done in January or February 2018 and schedule a dental cleaning in February 2018 to receive 20% off the cost of a dental cleaning and x-rays.